MMS and Your Healthy Kitchen

Using Miracle Mineral Solution in your Kitchen is a Healthy Decision
by Virginia Pipolini

Many health authorities worldwide use activated sodium chlorite as a standard, recommended bacteria, parasite, and virus control for food preparation and packing.   28% Sodium chlorite is available to us in a cost effective form known as MMS, or miracle mineral solution. (Now Jim Humble has declared that this is really Water Purification Drops – and it has been sold under that name for 79 years.) When MMS is mixed with an activator it produces chlorine dioxide.   This mixed solution is then diluted with water and used for cleaning your home.

Some people confuse Salt with MMS. MMS is 28% sodium chlorite while salt is nacl  — sodium chloride. We all know what salt is.

Even Salt is used — One study conducted by the Research Group of Industrial Microbiology at the Department of Applied Biological Sciences in Brussels, Belgium showed that the production of Curvacin A, a Bacteriocin Produced by Lactobacillus curvatus, was reduced using sodium chloride.  This study focused on bacterial production in fermented sausage.

More salt uses — Sodium Chloride, or NaCl , was used in a study conducted at the Mansoura University in Mansoura, Egypt.  In this study there was a significant decrease in bacteria growth on raw poultry.  “The The use of NaCl in meat to increase shelf life and enhance flavor is an old practice”, they stated, “Addition of NaCl to meat has been associated with antimicrobial properties. It is also used to improve water-holding capacity and results in subsequent improvements in purge loss and cooking yield.”

100 times stronger than salt as an anti viral — MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution, gives us a cost efficient easy to use tool to maintain a healthier food preparation environment in our own homes.  It takes only drops of MMS 28% solution mixed with an activator to create the foundation for bacterial and pathogen eradication.  This mixture is then diluted with water, and can be used in a spray bottle for many uses in the kitchen.

What kitchen uses are there for the chlorine dioxide solution produced by activating the MMS?  You can soak your sponge and scrubbers in an MMS solution, thereby reducing the bacterial count.  Sponges are notorious for holding and growing bacteria, and most sponges remain in use far beyond the safe use period.

The chlorine dioxide solution can also be used for wiping down counters and sterilizing your sink.  Proper cleansing of your kitchen work space is important, especially after the handling of raw meat and poultry.  In addition, you can spray a mist of MMS solution on your meat and poultry prior to cooking.  It is a known fact that contamination of raw foods with e-coli occurs during the processing.  Bacteria may linger on the cut surfaces of the meat from packaging, and carried into your kitchen.

Use your mister with the MMS solution to sterilize your hands and dish-washing as well.  Use this spray both before touching foods and cooking utensils, as well as after handling raw meats and eggs.  MMS will do no harm to your healthy cells, but will target viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Some people drink it according to instructions provided on Jim Humble’s website.

When you mix Miracle Mineral Solution with the citric activator it will last about twelve hours.  This means you will want to mix a new solution, using only five drops of MMS each morning, something easily done while you make your coffee.  Use this spray throughout the day to maintain your healthy kitchen.  When done you can pour the left over in your pet water bowl to purify the water and the bowl as well.

Virginia Pipolini offers many wellness tips for safe and cost effective daily practices for better living. You can learn more about MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution at

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