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World MMS Suppliers – Jim Humble Suppliers

Find a USA MMS Supplier or world wide MMS shipper? Here are some:

  • Miracle Mineral Solution (Professional Grade)™: Healthcare professionals and retailers provide only the best to clients and customers.  Order MMS Professional™ here also for family and friends.  100% authentic and original “breakthrough” formula.  Ships in one to three business days.  4fl. oz.  Buy here:  http://mmsmiracle.com/tvance
  • The Reiki Ranch Store has many alternative products to help you and your body on the path to wellness, recovery and to again lead a happy life. The water purification drops are Jim Humble’s original formula of 28% sodium chlorite and when activated becomes chlorine dioxide — worlds most safe and most powerful anti-viral agent — also called MMS – Miracle mineral solution.  Buy here: http://reikiranch.net
  • Subtle Energy Therapy.org has the wonderful MMS in the two little 2 oz green bottles for traveling. You will be safe from swine flu and bad water anywhere you travel. The little bottles of MMS travel size are now labeled “Water Purification Drops” and WPD as required by Jim Humble. They have been sold for hikers and campers for 79 years around the world. They ship world wide everyday except Sunday. Get the WPD and activator bottles for travel safety. Buy here:  http://subtleenergytherapy.org

Georgia Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier –see above suppliers

Hawaii Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier–see above suppliers

Idaho Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier–see above suppliers

Illinois Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier–see above suppliers

Indiana Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier–see above suppliers

Iowa Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier–see above suppliers

The Jim Humble MMS (now called WPD by most suppliers) suppliers ship usually the same day you order the products. The MMS is 100% Jim Humble formula and is guaranteed to kill bacteria.